• Governance. Risk. Compliance.

    • Improve financial governance
    • Ensure transactional compliance
    • Automate internal auditing processes.

  • Eliminate Duplicate Payments

    • Gain complete confidence in the integrity of your transaction data.
    • Minimise financial risk associated with automated ERP processing.


    Start addressing your data quality and compliance challenges now.

  • ERP Data Compliance

    Rapidly identify, investigate and resolve business exceptions
    that impact your organisation's financial performance.

Meet The Disruption

We're changing the way organizations look for mistakes and errors in their business data. We power sophisticated data quality and compliance solutions that deliver actionable insight at the record level, saving organisations millions of dollars each year.

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Nothing Gets Past Us

Our technology powers sophisticated and nuanced solutions that find all ‘true positive’ results with a minimum of ‘false positive’ noise. We quickly detect the exceptions that are not being caught by ERPs or other processes, with a minimum of manual effort.

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Minimum Impact

We’re passionate about our zero friction approach that involves a minimum of impact to client’s ERP landscape. We’re able to easily demonstrate compelling ROI on real production data via proof-of-concept trials that can be conducted effectively in days/weeks.

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Maximum Savings

Our data monitoring solutions drive significant improvements to your bottom line. We prevent cash leaving your business. We reduce interest losses. We reduce effort and rework caused by errors in transactions. Our solutions pay for themselves within weeks.

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