Who We Are

We’re an enterprise data analytics company. We recognized an opportunity to bring new technology into an existing market – finding mistakes and problems in transactional data that cost large organizations millions of dollars per year. Our new approach finds more real results with vastly higher accuracy and less noise, and we do it in a way that is faster, simpler, requires less manual effort and provides greater financial savings for the organization.

Proven Commercialized Technology

Our Data Ignition technology powers our Duplicate Invoice software which proactively detects duplicate invoices for ERPs like SAP and Oracle. The continuous monitoring offered by our solution is disrupting our competitors’ legacy approach of periodic retrospective analysis and audit. We are successfully deployed at marquee brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, and government departments in Australia. Customers are using our technology to find and prevent the payment of millions of dollars of duplicate invoices each year.

Where We Are Going

Our technology and approach is proven, and lauded by Big 4 Audit and global data quality companies as the ‘next generation’. We are using a common platform approach that allows us to build and bring to market compelling individual solutions quickly and easily. We are targeting a variety of common enterprise data quality and compliance challenges, which impact the efficiency and financial performance of large organisations including: Vendor data, Customer data, Payment Terms and Discounts.

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